South Street Securities Launches New Web Site

James Tabacchi
December 17, 2020

South Street Securities is excited to announce the launch of our new web site. The South Street Securities family of companies specialize in key markets in the financial services spectrum.

Our new web site is more engaging and interactive than ever before. This has been a unique opportunity for us to highlight South Street’s expansion across our services and affiliates.

SSS_Blog Image

Not only can you access important information about our repurchase agreement, mortgage trading, and equity finance services, but also connect with us instantly.

Our Services


You can learn more about our affiliates, including South Street Capital Management, AmeriVet Securities, South Street Global, and Matrix Applications.

Our Affiliates


We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of South Street Securities new website as much as we do!

Established in 2001, South Street Securities is a FINRA-regulated broker/dealer that concentrates on Repo Cash Investment and Repo Security Financing Services. We are a Tier 1 member of Fixed Income Clearing Corp (FICC) with full Repo netting rights. South Street Securities is the only broker-dealer with a Tier 1 FICC membership that focuses on repo financing and repo cash investment.

This transformation was spearheaded by our dedicated marketing and web site development partners at Goodwood Consulting

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