South Street's Team Joins 30,000+ Riders in New York's Five-Boro Bike Tour

Colleen Judge
May 11, 2022

South Street's team members joined 30,000+ riders at the Five-Boro Bike Tour, an annual recreational cycling event in New York City. 

Conducted on the first Sunday of May, the 40-mile ride takes riders through all five of New York's boroughs and across five major bridges.

To be out riding with colleagues after such an uncertain two years and a lot of time apart, it was a great day for us to get together for some fun. We even rode past South Street's office on 6th Ave!

- Christina Cufone

Shoutout to our riders: Karsten Berlage, Christina Cufone, Terence Ma, Andrew Leone, Stephanie Pucci and Rick Andrew!Bike race (1)
Bike race (2)

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