Internship Spotlight: Lana Xing

March 01, 2022

Internship Spotlight Lana Xing

We asked Lana Xing, a recent Data Analyst Intern, a few questions about her experience. Here is what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself.

I am originally from China and graduated from Columbia University with a Master's degree in Applied Analytics. Prior, I completed my Business Management undergraduate degree at Boston College.

Why did you choose South Street Securities?

South Street's Internship Program offers an advanced introduction to the financial world, an industry that I have always been interested in. As a private company with 20+ years of history, the firm is very experienced in the broker/dealer business and this caught my attention.

The Data Analytics role offers the perfect combination of utilizing analytical skills learned from school and applying it to the equity finance market. Working closely with experienced professionals who want to teach and guide students like myself, was also important to me. All in all, South Street's Internship Program is an incredible learning experience, and most importantly, it opens the door for you to build meaningful connections in the financial industry.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

Since I was on the Equity Finance Team coordinating between traders and technology, it was really exciting for me to witness the building of business. I enjoyed learning about new things as business progressed, whether that was trying to figure out a tech problem or witnessing stock loan trading. 

What was the biggest takeaway?

Business is about relationships as much as technology. And I learn the most when I am asking questions. 

Who did you work with? Tell us about your mentorship experience.

I worked mostly with Raghu Veeramallu, Director of Technology Product Development, and Frank Giusti, Director of Equity Finance. I have not only learned about technology operations, financial terms and the whole business process, but also how to coordinate, communicate and learn as a professional in a working environment. 

I even got to talk to Senior Executives! That is one of the biggest differentiators of South Street. You can talk to anyone at the firm and learn so much from anyone you talk to. After hearing so many personal / career stories from coworkers, it has motivated me to pursue a career in the financial industry long-term. 

What was one of the most valuable projects you worked on?

One of the most valuable projects I worked on was helping to automate the stock loan business. This exposed me to technology, trading and data analysis all at once. By monitoring automation and contributing to new jobs creation, I got to see the business flow of stock loan and how technology plays its part to advance the business. 

How would you describe our culture?

There is a lot of smiles and laughter when you walk into the office every day. It is a dynamic, open environment with a lot of human interactions and fun conversations no matter what role you are in. If you enjoy sharing about life, befriending your coworkers and learning every chance you get, South Street Securities would be a great place for you. 

Where are you now?

I am working as a Business Manager Assistant at Societe Generale ("SG"). Specifically, I help with the operations side of Equity Derivatives Sales & Trading. It is very exciting and a rewarding journey for me so far! And South Street Securities is a big contributor to where I am today. 

I would not have known my interest in Sales & Trading at Societe Generale without my experience at South Street. My internship experience was actually a great match for my current role. And because of my exposure at SSS, I am more confident at my new role at SG. 

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